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The Warlord's Revenge

By Alyssa Morgan


All Jane Stewart wanted was a normal life. To be happy and fall in love. Her criminal family made that dream impossible, dragging her all around the countryside of England to escape the enemies they so easily made. When revenge drives their greatest enemy, Gavyn MacLaren, to kill her family and take her as his prisoner, all her hopes and the future she's dreamed of are dashed.

Travelling on horseback to Scotland with the warlord isn't easy for Jane, considering she finds him to be an uncivilized brute who only spared her life to get her pregnant with his child. She also can't stop admiring how clever and handsome Gavyn is, and with each passing day she spends as his prisoner, her attraction to him becomes an irresistible temptation.

Will Jane surrender to her passion for Gavyn before she can escape him?

14,600 words



None of this was real. It couldn’t be. Everything had happened so fast, maybe her eyes were playing tricks on her. But there they were. Dead.

All of them.

Four bodies were spread out on the floor before her, surrounded by a flowing river of blood. She stared blankly at what remained of her family: her father, her step-mother, her two older brothers. Their eyes open and lifeless. Faces forever twisted in terror. Slaughtered.

She'd watched the gruesome scene unfold while hiding under the dining room table, unable to make herself look away. Powerless to stop it. She should've run when she'd had the chance like all the servants had, fleeing the impending bloodbath.

Jane looked up at the warlord towering over her, broad sword held firmly in his hand. The blood of her family dripped from its tip to a sticky, crimson puddle on the floor beside her. She would be the next to go. The last.

She never imagined death would come for her like this. Not so soon. Yet here it faced her, and her only thought was of her family. This was all their fault. Life had been one complex intrigue for them, filled with lies, murder, theft, and who even knew what else. Jane tried her best to stay out of their affairs, but she knew they had enemies lurking around every corner, which was why they'd moved so often. This one had finally caught up with them.

"Looks like you're it, lass." The warlord's deep brogue rumbled through the room like thunder.