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The Wrong Valentine

By Dana Littlejohn


Shante had prepared for a night of self pampering complete with dinner, wine and dancing by herself. Indeed, she was truly enjoying herself, but her evening improved immensely when someone else's Valentine-o-gram showed up at her door.



"So, do you have any special plans for tonight, Shante?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact I do," she answered excitedly, packing her briefcase. "I'm going to go home and cook a very romantic dinner. Some shrimp scampi with a little bow tie pasta and chicken, and then some chocolate covered strawberries for dessert."

"Mmm." A small smile teased Mark's lips as his eyes closed.

"Then I'm going to take a nice hot shower and buff-puff my body until it is soft and supple before I cover it from head to toe in creamy vanilla lotion." She heard Mark make a soft pleasurable sound from deep within his throat and giggled before continuing. "After that I'm going to slip into something new and very sexy, open a bottle of wine, and have that wonderful dinner by the fire ... alone."

Mark hung on every word she said as she painted a picture in his mind. When she emphasized the last word, his face dropped and his eyes sprang open. "Huh? I'm sorry, did you say alone?"