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Threshing the Grain

By Teresa Noelle Roberts


Service. Honor. Sacrifice. Being a Soranian Lord or Lady means putting the needs of the land and its inhabitants before your own and performing the magic necessary to ensure good harvests and good health. Adimir, son of the Lord and Lady of Thelana, was raised to serve his estate and people and his physician-wife Miryea supports him--especially in the parts involving sex-magic and spanking. 

But when portents suggest Adimir must give his very life to fend off an ancient demon, Miryea fights back with powers of her own, powers she's still learning to use. An ancient, wise satyr from the hills of Thelana holds the secret to defeating the demon, but it's trapped in his memory by magic. To release it, Miryea needs to take a leap of faith into the satyr's arms and work sex-magic and healing magic in ways she never knew she could. 

She finds her answer, but it demands yet another shocking price. Can submissive Miryea find the courage to hurt and humble the man she loves in order to save him and the people of Thelana?