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Tombstone Ranch

By Shayne Carmichael


The past, present and future life of Jake Mathers stretches out for a very long existence. A one night affair traps Jake in a life he never expected. One in which he spends a great of time being alone. Tombstone Ranch begins in Tombstone, Arizona 1881 and spans to the future, and a world on another planet. Will the future be any better than Jake's past? When Les shows up at Tombstone Ranch, looking to get hired on by old Jake, he finds Jake isn't nearly as old as his nickname suggests. He also notices quite a lot more about his boss. Drawn to one another, their nights pass pleasurably in each other's arms, until Les finds out the truth about Jake. Any kind of relationship with a blood sucking fiend was never in Les' future. And Les isn't too damn sure of what to do about Jake.