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Twelfth Night

By Augusta Li


The exciting sequel to Juicy, Melty, Fun to Share!

Nick had never been interested in the BDSM lifestyle until Darren hired him to cater a fetish party and and gave Nick a scorching introduction to the scene upon its conclusion. Now the young chef finds himself craving more than a hot one night stand, but to his frustration Darren is dedicated to his swinging ways. After being spurned at a Mardi Gras party, Nick conceives of a plan to finally claim Darren as his exclusive lover and master.



Twelfth Night by Augusta Li

Then Darren entered Montrose’s studio apartment looking so divine that Nick gasped before he could stop himself. A young man in a white vinyl thong, angel wings and white wig took Darren’s coat to reveal his silvery hair spilling over his lean, bare chest. He wore metallic gold pants so tight Nick saw every curve of his body and his matching stiletto-heeled boots clicked on the floor. A simple gold mask outlined his amazing eyes. Elizabethan-ruffled cuffs and a collar, made from stiff lace edged in gold, accentuated his svelte wrists and neck. With Darren right in front of him, Nick could no longer deny the way his pale skin caught the light, accentuating the willowy muscles of his waist as he walked. Just as he had the first time he’d seen the man, Nick thought he couldn’t be human—he was just too lovely and surreal. The contrast of the shimmering clothing against his fair complexion made him look like a marble statue adorned with gilt.

Nor was Nick the only one to fall silent and watch Darren. The other guests paused mid-sentence or mid-drink and stood wide-eyed. The beautiful blonde man smiled at each of them as if offering them the gift of a second of his priceless interest. Montrose whispered, “Yeah, he has that effect on you, doesn’t he? I mean, who else could pull off that outfit?”

Nick realized he’d flushed beet red and tried to find something on the food table that needed his attention. Montrose smirked and clapped Nick on the shoulder. “Don’t worry, kid. You’re not the first and you won’t be the last. If it means anything, you had more impact on him than most. I’ve never seen him actually fall for anybody, but he talked about you—”

Darren had reached the table. He put his hand on his hip and twisted his torso, a gesture so devastating it must have been practiced. “Lovely party, Willy,” he said. The older man balked. Nick assumed he didn’t like the abbreviated form of his name, which Darren undoubtedly knew. “Oh and look, you’ve got my chef. How have you been Nick?”

“Fine,” Nick answered, without meeting the hypnotic blue eyes.

“Give us a minute, won’t you, Willy?” Darren asked. “Nick and I are old friends.” Montrose retreated, and Nick marveled at the way Darren ordered the man around in his own home.

“I missed you,” Darren said softly.

“You could have called.”

Darren laughed, eyes twinkling. “I don’t call. You call me.”

“And how was I supposed to know that?”

“Nick, such back-talk!” Darren hissed. Nick’s cock jumped in his pants at the scolding tone. “I’ll give you a thousand dollars to spend the night with me and make me breakfast in bed.”

“I’m a caterer, not a prostitute, Darren.”

“Then come for free.”

“I don’t think so, Darren. And by the way, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t tell everyone you know how we… how you…”

To Nick’s shock, Darren grabbed a handful of his dark hair and wrenched his head forward so his pale lips grazed Nick’s ear. “How I licked chocolate off of every inch of your body? How I tied your hands behind your back, threw you down, and made you beg me to fuck you?”

Nick jerked free of Darren’s grasp.