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Twice as Strong

By Kally Jo Surbeck


In a time when her heart has been broken and her hearing stolen by a ruthless accident, Frankie must find it in hear heart to forgive her husband. Can they save their marriage and rekindle the love they once felt? In this heartwarming tale a young married couple fights to keep not only their love but their marriage. Can miracles come in time for Valentine's Day?



"Do we really have to go?"

The snow fell softly. Deadly in its normalcy, but Frankie could sense the heavy fall and would have preferred to stay home and cuddled up.

"When will you learn to trust me to take care of you?" Tanner pulled her close, his cologne tickling her senses, confusing her a little bit. It always made her feel enveloped and protected and he knew it. What a cheap trick. This wasn't travel weather.

"No, it's not," he said as if reading her mind, "but this is your big night. I'm not canceling on you unless you are canceling on you."

She pulled on her woolen wrap, luxuriating in the slight scratch and the soft heat already warming her. "Let's go before it gets worse."