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Unexpected Lover

By Marie Rochelle


Protect her…

Those were the first words that rushed into Lance Carey’s mind the instant he spotted Nevetta lying in the pounding rain. All he wanted to do was wrap the stunning caramel beauty up in his arms and take care of her forever. Despite everyone’s protests not to get too close; however, there were certain obstacles keeping them apart.

Need him…

Nevetta Yardley doesn’t recall a thing from her past and sadly that includes her own name. All she does know is that gorgeous blue-eyed Doctor Lance Carey hasn’t left her side since he found her wet and unconscious in the alley.

Her heart screams soul mate, but her lack of a past is the invisible thread keeping them apart, but when her memory shockingly resurfaces. Will it truly be the thing to keep them from a perfect future together?

Or can she prove to Lance what they have only comes once in a life time.



Chapter One

“Rayne, are you asleep?” a deep and sexy voice whispered.

Opening her eyes, Rayne Doe turned her head on the pillow and smiled at her doctor standing there in the open doorway. He got better looking every time she laid eyes on him. Today, he looked very handsome in a black jeans and dark blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

It was getting harder and harder to keep her crush on him a secret. No matter, how she tried to keep her growing feelings to herself. She was beginning to think his entire staff was beginning to see how her entire personality changed when he came to see her. She hoped they weren’t figuring anything out because she didn’t want to embarrass him. He had been too good to her since he found her all those months ago.

“No, I’m not asleep,” she answered. “Come on in, Dr. Carey.” Rayne sat up in the bed and ran her hands over her head. She prayed he didn’t notice how she couldn’t stop staring at him. “You look nice.”

Sauntering into her room, Lance sat down on the edge on the bed, making it creak under his weight. The ceiling light shone off his jet-black hair and the blue in his shirt brought his dark blue eyes out even more.

He smiled at her making his eyes light up. “Thank you for the compliment, but haven’t I told you to call me Lance?  As long as you have been here, I think we can be on a first name basis by now, don’t you? I’m just getting back from vacation and I wanted to check on you before I went home.”

“I heard you were going on vacation with Ariel. Did the two of you have fun?” she asked, folding her hands on top of the white sheet. Jealousy crept into her body as usual because she was wishing for the hundredth time he saw her as more than just his patient.

Lance shrugged his shoulder. “It was nice, but I don’t want to discuss my trip. I want to know what you did while I was gone.”

“I haven’t been doing anything really. I watched a little television and finished the book I was reading.” She sighed. “There’s not much for me to do here since I’ve gotten better. That’s why I want to leave.”

Lance shook his head at her like he always did when she went down this road. “Now Rayne, we’ve talked about this. I don’t think you should be wandering around out there yet. Aren’t you happy here at Twin Falls? If you want more freedom, I can schedule more outings for you, but I think it’s best if you stay here.”

“No, I’m going crazy,” she said. “I want to leave.”

“Twin Falls is the only place that has all of your contact and medical information. I know how much you want to leave, but give it a little while longer. If we don’t hear anything soon, I’ll see about signing your release papers.”

Rayne frowned. She was tired of hearing the same thing over and over. Why didn’t Dr. Carey want her to leave? “Is that the reason you won’t let me leave? Do you have me on lockdown or something? Am I being held here for something that I don’t know about?”

Reaching out, Lance placed his hand on top of hers. “I hope you don’t think you’re being held here against your will because it isn’t true. I never meant to make you think that.”

“If you’re telling me the truth, then I want an exact day I can walk out the front door,” she told him.

He didn’t understand. Being around him like this wasn’t doing her any good. Her crush on him was getting worse each and every day. A part of her was dying slowly each day she saw him walking the halls with Ariel at his side. The nurse didn’t love him as much as she did, but he would never know that because he couldn’t see right was in front of his face.

Taking his hand away from hers, Lance crossed his arms over his chest. “What’s going on with you tonight? Why do you want to leave me so badly? You haven’t been at Twin Falls that long. Has something happened that I don’t know about?”

“No…it’s nothing like that,” she muttered. “I just feel I need to leave. So, can you give me a date?”

“How about this?” He sighed, rubbing his hand across the back of his neck. “You let me give you another check-up. In addition, I want you to do some extra time with the physical therapist so you can get in top shape. Then I’ll see about releasing you in about two months.”

“Two months is December…so are you saying I can get out of here before Christmas?”  Rayne asked, excited.

“Why do you want to leave before Christmas?” Lance inquired, cocking his head to the side.

“Christmas is all about happiness and I’m going to be ecstatic when I get out of this place,” she grinned.

How can he not see that I’m falling in love with him?

Getting up off her bed, Lance stood at the side and continued staring at her with an unreadable expression. “I’m only agreeing to this so you’ll start doing more than staying in this room all day, but if I feel you aren’t ready by then, I’m going to take back my offer. Is it a deal?”

“It’s a deal, Dr. Carey,” Rayne grinned.

He frowned at her. “Haven’t I told you to call me Lance?”

“Yes, but you’re my doctor and it feels strange referring to you by your first name,” she admitted. She was already starting to feel way too close to him. So, calling him by his name would only make it harder to keep her secret hidden and add fuel to her fantasies of being with him.

“Don’t let it feel strange. Everyone else here calls me by my first name including my other patients. You’re the only one that doesn’t. Now can you do it, please?” he asked in a low voice heating up her body.

Swallowing, Rayne nodded her head. “Okay, I guess I can call you Lance.”

“See, that wasn’t so bad, was it? Now, let me take a look at you. If I remember correctly you had some surgery done on your hands to repair a badly healed finger.”

“Yes, I did but it wasn’t caused by the accident. Dr. Vetron told me it was from an old injury.”

“Let me take a look at it. I want to make sure it healed properly this time,” Lance said.

“Fine,” Rayne answered, giving him her hand. She knew if she didn’t he wouldn’t leave until he got a good look at it.

“Your hand does look so much better.”  Lance turned her right hand over several times checking how the stitches had healed. The cool, strong touch of his long fingers sent her body into an inferno. “Dr. Vetron did an excellent job. I’m glad I called him to do be the lead doctor.”

“I agree. He did do a good job. They do look a lot better,” she said, moving her hand away from his and placing it back on the bed.

Rayne schooled her features so Lance wouldn’t know how much his touch had affected her. The fascination she had for him wasn’t healthy, but for the life of her she couldn’t stop the pull drawing her to him.

“Have you ever thought about what your real name could be?” Lance asked. He had that unblinking stare that made her nervous. Did he know how much he was testing her self-control? She wanted to kiss him so badly.

“Of course I have. I think about it twenty times a day. Who wouldn’t? I want to know who I am more than anything in this world,” she answered wondering if Lance knew something that she didn’t. “Have you found out anything else new about me?”