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Upside Down

By Inna Spice


Sheila and Heisam meet in a car accident by a twist of fate. They are thrown off into another realm where they struggle to survive while finding a way to return to their regular lives. Coming from two completely opposite worlds they are fascinated by their differences and crave to learn more about the forbidden fruit of each other's existence. Excited, they return home determined to change the world, but are met by totalitarianism of their nations. Is their love strong enough to carry them on and make a difference?



Upside Down by Inna Spice

Sheila pressed the accelerator pedal. She had to hurry. Her eleven-year-old daughter Sheshana would be standing outside the school in the cold dark of evening, waiting for the ride home. She felt guilty for not making it to the concert. Their home laundry steamer broke right in the middle of a cleaning session, and she needed her pale gray suit for tomorrow's conference. So Sheila had to take their clothes to a commercial steamer, which made her really late.

Some days things just don't go right, Sheila thought.

If she were married, at least her partner would have been able to help out, do half the work at home, or pick up the child. Her mothers were right when they told her single parenting wasn't going to be easy, but Sheila didn't want a partner just to share the work and the bills. She wanted to marry for love. The problem was, she didn't love women.

Nothing in women turned her on. In the She-World, women were only to mate with other women, and every woman had to have at least one daughter to propagate the population. And since Sheila was still single at twenty-five, she had to reproduce asexually, using her own genes and cells. Even though the process of cloning a child from a single individual was simpler than cloning from combined genes of two females, it cost more. The higher price was a form of punishment for singles who were unable to copulate.

She had all of her own female attributes and she was not at all curious about the same creatures. So she decided to give up dating and live alone with her daughter.

Having a very well-paying job and the emotional support of her two mothers, Sheila never regretted her decision. She loved Sheshana with such passion that she couldn't stand a thought of having ever worried or upset her child.

Driving to the school, Sheila pondered her world. Centuries ago the population of the Earth split into two halves: He-World and She-World. Each existed independently, ignoring the other, merely tolerating the opponent's reality. The He-World was exclusively male, the She-World female. They were homosexual men and lesbian women loving only their own gender, caring only for their own hormones and behavior.

Not only was each gender uninterested in the opposite world, they despised and even feared each other. Each reproduced by strict cloning, selecting only the best, strongest genes of their gender. Males usually cultivated their fetuses inside the chemical vessels, whereas females preferred to use their wombs as they were more natural and guaranteed the babies to be stronger and healthier at birth and have greater connection with their parents.

But in both worlds, every person had to have at least one child of his or her own gender in order to keep the count. Each gender feared the opposite world might get a larger headcount and start a war, perhaps leading to invasion and even termination.

So, the people of each world carefully planned their breeding and produced children with deep aversion to the opposite sex planted inside their consciousness. It wouldn't be hard to keep them all gay so long as nature didn't interfere.

Sometimes, for no obvious or scientific reason, a rare individual lacked the genes that would ensure his or her homosexual nature. If that couldn't be rectified through educational indoctrination, then he or she was either ordered to be killed by his or her own parent, or was allowed to live only if he or she could be cloned for children who would be gay.

Sheila knew she was one of those rare women who was allowed to live, so long as she brought up her daughter to be a lesbian. The complicated analysis of her genetic makeup showed that even she had plenty of gay characteristics that were dormant in her, but would be successfully reproduced and activated in her child.