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Waking Annabel

By Jayelle Drewry


Annabel Sullivan has been in an unhappy marriage, subjected to an unfaithful and controlling husband. She's lost confidence in herself.

Jason O'Brien years ago sensed the hidden depths of Annabel, but distanced himself because she was married. Now Annabel is divorced and Jason is free to pursue her.

But he discovers that she is reluctant to give herself over to her feelings, afraid to lose control. So he sets about showing her that she is an attractive, sexual woman, awakening in her carnal passions she never knew she possessed.



Walking Annabel by Jayelle Drewry


Jason spoke her name softly. His deep voice sent chills down her spine, and caused her nipples to harden. Her hands froze on the keyboard; she stared at the monitor, unable to turn and look over her shoulder. She knew what she would see. Jason. Tall, broad, sexy Jason. Every inch of him screaming SEX. Stubborn Jason. Relentless Jason.

For the last three weeks, she had turned down invitation after invitation. Thank you for the flowers. No, I don't think dinner is a good idea. Thank you for the chocolates. No, I don't think lunch is a good idea. Please no more flowers..

Taking a deep breath, Annabel spun her leather chair around to face him. There he was, in all his glory. She felt the impact low in her stomach.

Jason was leaning against the doorjamb, holding a small silver and white gift bag in one hand. The other hand was tucked into his pants pocket, his tie was gone, and his shirt buttons loosened. Black hair and brooding eyes added to the sexy slouch. Annabel almost whimpered. If he didn't stop soon, she was going to give in. For a moment she couldn't remember why she was fighting the attraction.

When Annabel still didn't speak, Jason pressed the advantage, stepped into her office and shut the door. She could read the determination on his face, he was not going to let her continue to run away. They had been building up to this for weeks. Annabel was surprised he had let her run for this long.

Rather than sit in one of the chairs in front of the desk, Jason walked over to stand in front of her. He leaned against the desk, trapping her between himself and the computer. He set the bag on the desk.

Both were silent as they stared into each other's face. Jason looked captivated by the beauty in front of him. Annabel froze in wonder and amazement of the sensuality of the man before her. Jason was the first to move.

Leaning over, he placed a hand on each of the arms of Annabel's chair. Closing his eyes, he breathed deeply. "God, I love the way you smell." His eyes, burning with intensity, connected with hers.

Jason smiled slowly. "Hello, Annabel." Leaning closer, he kissed her cheek.

The contact caused Annabel to jerk back. "Jason." His first name slipped out. His closeness had her rattled, off kilter. Usually she kept him at a distance by being overly polite, by addressing him as Mr. O'Brien. Jason smiled at her slip, and settled back against her desk.

Annabel took a deep breath to calm her rioting nerves, but it only made matters worse. God, he smelled as good as he looked. Hot. Spicy. Like nothing she had ever smelled before. Her nipples hardened to the point of pain. She cleared her throat. "Mr.--"

Jason put a gentle finger to her lips. "You got it right the first time. It's Jason." Turning, he picked up the bag. "Since the flowers and chocolates haven't worked, I picked up something different. Thought I would deliver it personally."

Annabel took the bag, but didn't look in it. She stood to put some distance between them. Jason didn't move, so she had to step around him. The space gave her confidence. Once she was on the other side of the desk, she turned and faced him. "Mr. O'Brien. You are putting me in a very awkward position. The--"

Seated at her desk, he grinned up at her. "Awkward is not the position I want you in."

Blushing furiously, Annabel scowled down at him. "Mr. O'Brien--"

"Jason." Leaning back, he propped his feet on her desk. He was pushing her, "I'm getting tired of the ice maiden act."

Anger flared brightly in her eyes. "Jason." She drew out his name in a long, low hiss. "You are putting me in an awkward position. One I don't care for." She held up her hand when Jason opened his mouth. "No, let me finish. I work for you. Or at least my firm has a contract with your company. So we have a business relationship. The flowers, the candy, and what ever this is..." She shook the bag at him. "This is not part of the relationship we have. You have asked me to dinner. I have refused. Maybe I haven't been polite enough. Maybe you see no as a yes. Maybe you see this as a challenge. I don't know. I don't care. But it is going to stop now." With that, she tossed the gift in his lap. Secretly ashamed of her behavior, Annabel nonetheless straightened her shoulders and stared into his eyes.

With a satisfied smile, Jason opened the bag she had thrown in his lap. Rustling around in the white tissue, he lifted a delicate glass bottle. "I knew this was your scent. When I walked by the counter, without even knowing what you wear, I could identify the scent. It's this." He gently placed the small bottle on her desk.

The size didn't fool Annabel. He had bought her perfume, not cologne, but perfume. Outrageously expensive perfume in a crystal bottle. He had gotten the scent correct. That he was so attuned to her. That he knew her scent, amazed her. Floored her. Disarmed her.

With a trembling hand, she reached across the desk and picked up the elegant bottle. Lifting the stopper, the fragrance filled the room.

Jason moved to stand in front of her. Taking the stopper from her hand, he lightly ran the tip along her neck and collarbones. "I think of you day and night. I dream of you, your smell, your voice. Your scent is in my head." He placed the stopper back in the bottle, and put the bottle on her desk. Cupping her shoulders in his hands, he pulled her close, chest to chest. Closing his eyes, he inhaled deeply. "Soft, sexy..." pausing, he dipped his head closer, "you." Then he kissed her.